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Product categories(options)
Lighting accessories, component & equipment
    1. Lighting accessories
    2. LED packaging components
    3. Electronic components
    4. Optical component
    5. Measurement equipment
    6. LED packaging equipment
    7. Testing equipment
LED Technology
    1. LED & light sources
    2. Power supply, drivers and electronics
    3. LED specialty applications
  1. Residential lighting
  2. Commercial lighting / Industrial lighting
  3. Urban lighting / Architectural lighting
  4. Smart lighting
  5. Electric lights
  6. LED display and signage
Target visitors(options)
    Industry related
       C01 Architect        C02 Designer
       C03 Planner / Engineer        C04 Property developer / Building owner
       C05 Housing / Property management        C06 Building contractor
       C07 Energy supplier
   Trade related
       C08 Importer        C09 Exporter
       C10 Wholesaler / Distributor        C11 Retailer
       C12 Chain store        C13 Department store
       C14 Buying office        C15 E-tailer
     C16 Industry end-user (e.g. hotel,performance arts venue,shopping mall,restaurant,etc.)please specify:
       C17 Industry associations / Professional media
       C18 Manufacturer
       C19 Construction / Planing authority        C20 Procurement authority
       C21 Others,please specify:
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