6 – 8 May 2019

6-8.5.2019 Beijing, China

Pre-registered visitor will get a free welcome kit (Total value RMB 200), including:
1. Compact briefcase
2. E-Official catalogue
3. USB
4. Official bag
5. Free admission to all concurrent events
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Visitor Pre-Registration Form

1. Important note: Each email address entitles one person to register only. To register your colleagues, please use another email address.
2. Exhibition is open to trade or invited visitors only; persons under 18 will not be admitted.
3. Please pre-register before 4th May 2019; present your business card with your pre-registration code to pick-up your visitor badge and a welcome kit
4. Exhibition opening hours and fairground:

6 May (Monday) 09:00 am - 5:00 pm 
7 May (Tuesday) 09:00 am - 5:00 pm 
8 May (Wednesday) 09:00 am - 2:30 pm 
Venue: Beijing, China
If you fail to submit the application online, please email the completed form to info@ishc-cihe.com before 4th May 2019. We will take record of your information and keep you closely informed about the fair status. If you want to have more information about the fair, please visit www.ishc-cihe.com 
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01 Construction company, contractor   
02 Architectural design   
03 Architects, interior designer   
04 Property developers   
05 Estate management company   
06 Agent, distributors, wholesaler   
07 Manufacturers   
08 Commercial End-users   
08.1 Educational Institution   
08.2 Hospital   
08.3 Hotel and Entertainment Facilities   
09 Service Providers   
09.1 Thermo-eletric Company   
09.2 Heating Company   
09.3 Electric Power Plant   
10 Industrial End-users   
11 Government, association   
12 Media   
13 Others, please clarify   
(please tick all that apply):*
H.01 Boiler, wall-hung boiler, water heater and accessory   
H.01.1 Burner   
H.01.2 Heat Exchanger   
H.01.3 Detector   
H.01.4 Water Pump   
H.02 Radiator and accessory   
H.03 Floor heating and accessory   
H.04 Ventilation, air-conditioning   
H.05 Solar, biomass energy heating   
H.06 Instruments and heating information services   
H.07 Heat pump and dryer   
H.08 Pump, valve, pipe   
H.09 Capillary network and ceiling radiant heating   
H.10 Others, please clarify   
I.01 Sensor, thermostat, controller, actuator   
I.02 Network control system   
I.03 Wireless control system   
I.04 Cloud platform technology and Solutions   
I.05 Heating control system   
I.06 Central air-conditioning control system   
I.07 Fresh air and air purification control system   
I.08 Intelligent energy-saving products   
I.09 Control system software and accessory   
I.10 Others, please clarify   
C.01 Fresh air system   
C.02 Water purification   
C.03 Air purification   
C.04 Intelligent Household   
C.05 Others, please clarify   
P.01 Pipe and installation technology   
P.02 Commercial and domestic pump   
P.03 Valve and actuator   
P.04 Water purification equipment   
P.05 Fluid meter   
P.06 Rainwater drainage and harvesting technology   
P.07 Same floor drainage technology   
P.08 Building fire-fighting equipment   
P.09 Grease separation system   
P.10 Waterscape equipment   
P.11 Design software   
P.12 Technical detection and certification   
P.13 Others, please clarify   

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