27 - 29 June 2017

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Inspired by SPS IPC Drives in Nuremburg, Germany and its first sister event in China, SIAF – SPS Industrial Automation Fair Guangzhou, Smart Industry Solution Shanghai highlights the revolutionary method of manufacturing that utilises Internet of Things (IoT) to connect real and virtual worlds of production. Cutting-edge intelligent industrial automation systems, technologies and solutions will be on offer, making the show an ideal trading and knowledge sharing platform for your company to showcase innovative smart solutions and help manufacturers today prepare for high-tech productions in the future.

Seminar schedule

Cyber world technology

Internet of Things (IoT), Data analytics, Cloud computing, Big data management, Industrial communications, Wireless communications, Cyber securities, ERP and MES providers

Smart Manufacturing

Industrial networking, Smart manufacturing, Intelligent robotics, Integrated manufacturing, Smart management, Handheld equipment, In-house logistics, Industrial value chain


Intelligent IT Services, New technologies, Smart grids, Integrated engineering, Talent Resource management, Smart energy, Process simulations, Education and training

Special session –

Dialogue between Hidden Champions and industry academia

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A01 Factory automation 
A02 Mechanical engineering 
A03 Energy 
A04 Automobile engineering 
A05 Electrical 
A06 Computers and networks 
A07 Electric measurement & controls 
A08 Infrastructure/Government projects 
A09 Smart transportation 
A10 Chemical industry 
A11 Household appliance industry 
A12 Air and spacecraft industry 
A13 Medical technology 
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B01 Internet of Things (IoT)   
B02 Data Analytics   
B03 Cloud computing   
B04 Big data management   
B05 Industrial communications   
B06 Wireless communications   
B07 Cyber securities   
B08 ERP and MES providers   
B09 Industrial networking   
B10 Smart manufacturing   
B11 Intelligent robotics   
B12 Integrated manufacturing   
B13 Smart management   
B14 Handheld equipment   
B15 In-house logistics   
B16 Industrial value chain   
B17 Intelligent IT Services   
B18 New technologies   
B19 Smart grids   
B20 Integrated engineering   
B21 Resource management   
B22 Smart energy   
B23 Process simulations   
B24 Education and training   
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S01 One seminar day on June 27 2017 
S02 One seminar day on June 28 2017 
S03 Two seminar days on June 27 and 28 2017 
S04 Only visiting the exhibition 

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