9 – 12 June 2019

Asia's Premier Platform for the Electrical Engineering, Intelligent Building and Smart Home Markets
China Import and Export Fair Complex
Pazhou, Guangzhou, PR China


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07 June 2019 00:00.
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C01 Architect   
C02 Designer   
C03 Planner / Engineer   
C04 Property developer / Building owner   
C05 Housing / Property management   
C06 Building contractor   
C07 Energy supplier   
C17 Industrial associations / professional media   
C22 Building decoration company   
C23 System integrator   
C24 Power and electric companies   
C25 Institutions for standard establishing   
C26 Institutions for testing and certification   
C08 Importer   
C09 Exporter   
C10 Wholesaler/ Distributor   
C11 Retailer   
C12 Chain store   
C14 Buying office   
C15 e-Tailer   
C16 Industry end user (e.g. hotel, school, hospital, public facilities, shopping mall, restaurant, etc), please specify:   
C18 Manufacturer   
C31 Building material mall / supermarket   
C19 Construction / planning authority   
C20 Procurement authority   
C28 Municipal engineering management   
C30 Building authority / Energy management   
C21 Others, please specify:   
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H01 1 – 49 employees 
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H04 500 – 999 employees 
H05 1000+ employees 
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B01 Electrical accessories and materials   
B02 Electricity supply / distribution equipment and electrical products   
B03 Power supply, instruments, gauges and tools   
B04 Electrical energy-efficiency modification equipment   
B05 Control equipment, meter and monitoring and dimmer switches   
B06 Sockets and switches   
B07 Lightning protection systems and equipment   
B08 Lighting control systems   
B09 Security and access control systems and products   
B10 Audio & video systems and products   
B11 Air conditioning and cooling systems   
B12 Systems integration   
B13 Generic cabling systems and products   
B14 Press and publications   
B18 Intelligent sun shading systems and products   
B25 Power supply and distribution systems, energy management systems   
B28 Video surveillance, access control and home security systems   
B15 Others, please specify:   
A01 Technical lighting   
A02 Decorative lighting   
A03 LED technology   
A04 Professional lights   
A05 Electric lights   
A06 Accessories and electronic components   
A07 Light control, management and measurement systems   
A08 Light production and measurement equipment   
A09 Display technology & application   
A10 OLED   
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D01 Management 
D02 Sales / Marketing 
D03 Purchasing 
D04 Production / Manufacturing 
D05 R & D 
D06 Engineering 
D07 General administration 
D08 Training 
D09 Others, please specify: 
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E01 Full   
E02 Partial   
E03 None   
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F01 To source / purchase 
F02 Seek cooperation partners / representation 
F03 Initiate new business contacts 
F04 Visit existing suppliers / clients 
F05 Gather information 
F06 Evaluate future show participation 
F07 Participate in special event 
F08 Compare with competitors 
F09 Others, please specify: 
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G01 Direct mailing from organiser 
G02 Email from organiser 
G03 Invitation from exhibitor 
G04 Invitation from associations, chambers, authorities, please specify: 
G05 Website, please specify: 
G06 Magazines advertisement, please specify: 
G07 Personal recommendation from colleagues, friends, trade partners 
G08 Previous attendance 
G09 Others, please specify: 

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