22 – 24 December 2021

In September 2021 we will gather once again in the Shanghai New International Expo Centre, bringing together industry stakeholders, experts and buyers for another 3 days focused on everything that has to do with textile laundry, leather care, cleaning technology and equipment.

Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC), Hall E1

22 ─ 23.09.2021 ( Wednesday to Thursday):

09:00 to 18:00

24.09.2021 (Friday):

09:00 to 15:00

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1.1 Laundry companies and laundry plants 
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1.6 Related dept., of the army, government representatives and large enterprises and institutions 
1.7 Related dept., of boarding schools 
1.8 Property management, housekeeping and cleaning companies 
1.9 Other institutions with requirements for laundry or cleaning services 
1.10 Manufacturer and distributor of laundry machines, cleaning equipment, detergent and related products 
1.11 Investors, media, relevant service organizations, etc. 
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2.1 Machinery, systems and accessories   
2.2 Chemicals and consumables   
2.3 Energy saving and environmental protection   
2.4 Digital & Intelligent solutions   
2.5 Leather care products   
2.6 Cleaning machinery, tools and chemicals   
2.7 Rental services   
2.8 Other related services   

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